Tuesday, February 2

IDEA District scaffolding and artwork

When a community is focused on creating something great for themselves and for future generations, real change can happen. The IDEA District went from being a dream- a few sketches with concepts and words on paper with what it 'could' be. 

I took a fantastic class last at San Diego City College with my (boss) and teacher MaeLin, called Profession Practices- focused on Graphic Design in business. We toured many studios here in San Diego, some i've visited multiple times or have friends working at- and got an inside view onto their operations and workflow. If you are interested in working as a design in the future or interested in peeking into other San Diego design studios, here is a link to my blog: CITY COLLEGE BLOG MARIAM BIER

The class helped dream up concepts for this district as a fun project, and had the clients (leaders of the IDEA District) come in for their input as a real-work experience. 

Our design studio helped create a geometric pattern to be painted onto outside scaffolding, and we collaborated with students from City College, New School of Architecture, Urban Discovery Academy, and SDSU. Working with a boss who is involved in so many educational institutions who genuinely and passionately cares about design and bettering her community- is really amazing. It also proves how much you can get done with passion and connecting with people who are on the same page as you. This is the start of the project and is visible for viewing across from the New School of Architecture in the East Village (downtown) San Diego.