Monday, February 1


I constantly forget I am on the alumni page for my high school's MacLab website. I have a ton of views with few updates and I can see my page being accessed from there. 

So for the MacLab kids listening/watching video tutorials, testing out new design techniques and experimenting– I will upload a few pieces of work done with at my current design job, Visual Asylum. I will also do my best to not say "like" and be sure my grammar is correct in the Skocko manner. 

I have always been a fan of patterning, but never known how exactly to make patterns correctly. I tried, failed, and gave up until I realized buying patterns is expensive (Shutterstock), and there must be a way to do it. Here is a very basic tutorial to get started, and how I created some of the patterns in the piece below: Seamless patterns tutorial

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